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The Mepham Who's Who
2014 Honorees

Two distinguished graduates were inducted into the Mepham Who's Who Hall of Fame on May 4, 2014 with officers and board members presenting the honors at the Mepham Alumni Association Spring Brunch Celebration.

This program was initiated in 1964 to recognize and honor graduates who have made significant accomplishments in their fields of work and significant volunteer service to the community. A plaque in the foyer honors all previous winners and the new inductees.

If you have graduated from Mepham more than ten years ago, meet the above qualifications and would like to be considered for an award next year, send an e-mail to to receive an application. You may nominate yourself or another Mepham alumna/alumnus.

The distinguished 2014 recipients are:

  • Clare Eastwood Worthing '46 - Professional Volunteer
  • Stephen Sinatra '64 - Medicine-Cardiology

Clare Eastwood Worthing '46 - Professional Volunteer

Little did Clare realize when she stepped into her first PTA meeting that she would spend the next forty years as an advocate for children.

From the local Levittown activities she quickly moved to the Nassau District PTA. where, as Legislation Chairman, she visited with Nassau County's state legislators, presenting PTA's legislative agenda.

As Juvenile Protection Chairman, under the policy of National PTA, she devised a program for volunteers to mentor juveniles who were in the Nassau County Childrens Shelter. After trying various approaches, this program was eventually adopted by Big Brothers and Sisters of Nassau County for use in high schools and implemented nationally.

Clare also prepared workshops held at Fall and Spring Conferences; testified at hearings, particularly on juvenile justice issues; represented PTA on the boards of other local non-profit organizations; including sitting on committees for Nassau Co. Dept. of Social Services, Nassau County Youth Board, etc. After a panel at a 1978 seminar on "The Juvenile Justice System is a Revolving Door, Fact or Myth" Newsday requested an opinion article which they printed.

Moving on to the New York State PTA, she served as chairman of the Juvenile Protection Committee and then as Chairman of the Legislation Committee. She prepared workshops held at state conventions, wrote numerous articles for State PTA publications, and testified at many hearings.

Clare served on the School Bus Construction Standards Committee in the NYS Dept. of Transportation and was instrumental in having the Commissioner hold to the agreement to require roof hatches over the objection of the School Boards Association and School Bus Manufacturers.

She represented State PTA at other District PTA conventions. For the National PTA, in December 1979, Clare testified in Washington D.C. at a Public Hearing sponsored by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, on Child Transportation Safety.

Clare served on the Boards of Directors for numerous child oriented organizations, including the Center for Family Resources, the NYS Citizens Council for Children, Youth, and Their Families, Nassau Coalition for Safety and Justice, and Big Brothers and Sisters of Nassau County. She was also a licensed mediator for the Education and Assistance Corporation (EAC).

Then Clare became the Class Representative for the Class of 1946, joined the Mepham Alumni Association Board of Directors, was its Historian, and in 2002 became Editor of its publications.

Clare lives in Wantagh, and is the wife of Jerry Worthing '41, mother of Joan and Cathleen, and grandmother of David and Amanda.

Stephen Sinatra '64 - Medicine-Cardiology

Stephen Sinatra is a board certified cardiologist, nutritionist, and anti-aging specialist, also a certified bioenergetic psychotherapist. He graduated from New York's Albany Medical College in 1972, and earned his certification in internal medicine from the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1975. He is board-certified by the American College of Cardiology, where he has been a fellow since 1977. His additional credentials include certifications from the Massachusetts Society for Bioenergetic Analysis (1992), the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine (1998), and the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists (2000). He is also a fellow of the American College of Nutrition.

Sinatra has published many articles in scientific journals on topics such as cholesterol and coenzyme Q10, where he pioneered its use in the prevention and treatment of heart disease. His experience with CoQ10 led him to develop a new branch of cardiology in the United States: "metabolic cardiology," which involves preventing and treating cardiovascular disease at the cellular level with nutraceuticals which improve ATP production in heart cells.

He has appeared on national radio and television broadcasts, including The Dr Oz Show, The Doctors, PBS's Body & Soul,and more. He is also the author of the monthly newsletter Heart, Health & Nutrition and founder of Heart MD Institute.

Dr. Sinatra currently lectures nationwide about energy medicine, focusing on the use of electroceuticals such as "grounding" or "earthing" based on the theory the earth's surface is negatively 'charged, and contact with the earth allows electrons to neutralize free radicals in the human body to improve the body's capacity to heal at the cellular level, [accomplished by lying or walking barefoot on grass, sand, or earth or by lying on a special pad.]

In his books, newsletter, and interviews, Dr. Sinatra advocates treatment approaches, combining conventional medical therapies with nutritional and mind-body therapies to enhance the body's natural bioenergetics. He promotes five specific pillars of cardiac health: (1) an anti-inflammatory diet; (2) nutritional supplementation (3) regular exercise; (4) detoxification; and (5) stress reduction. He is particularly aware of the impact one's emotions have on overall health, stating that "whenever you confront a person with an illness, you have to involve everything, including the spiritual...every illness has a psychological and a physical component." Sinatra also believes that heart disease manifests differently in women than in men, and that such differences ultimately affect diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in women.

Dr. Sinatra has often been critical of an over-emphasis on cholesterol as an independent risk factor for heart disease and of what he considers the over-prescription of statin drugs; also critical of refined sugar, which he believes is linked to the proliferation of cancer cells.

Steve and his wife Jan (Jo-Anne) are quite proud of their three children, Marchann Blake, Stephen W. Sinatra, and Drew Sinatra. The Sinatra's make their home in Manchester, CT.

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