The Mepham Who's Who
2001 Honorees

Two distinguished graduates have been inducted into the Mepham Who's Who Hall of Fame. The ceremony took place on April 29, 2001 with officers and board members presenting the honors at the Mepham Alumni Association Annual Spring Luncheon.

This program was initiated in 1964 to recognize and honor graduates who have made significant accomplishments in their fields of work and outstanding contributions to the welfare of mankind. A new plaque in the rotunda honors our one hundred twenty four previous winners and new inductees.

If you have graduated from Mepham more than ten years ago, meet the above qualifications and would like to be considered for an award next year, send an e-mail to to receive an application. You may nominate yourself or another Mepham alumna/alumnus.

The distinguished 2001 recipients are:

Ronald W. Anders '52 Human Resources/Community Service

Ron Anders was employed at the Grumman/Northrup Corporations for almost thirty years in the Employment/Human Resources area and retired from Grumman as Director of Compensation and Human Resource Systems. In addition to his Grumman responsibilities, Ron has worked as a consultant for Newsday in the compensation area and currently serves as the Media Monitoring Coordinator for the LI Coalition for Fair Broadcasting.

Ron has also been active helping those less fortunate, serving on the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross in the Huntington/Smithtown region, as well as the AMC Disaster Action Steering Committee. He has also volunteered with Grumman's Cancer Care support group, and was always available to donate platelets for cancer patients.

Mr. Anders has been recognized by his peers, receiving awards from the Aerospace Industries Association, the Lifetime Achievement award from the American Compensation Association, and is on the Honor Roll of the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

Ron always loved to sing. His life-long love began at Mepham in the Glee Club and A Cappella Choir. Besides joining the Mepham Alumni Choir on many occasions, Ron still sings with BAFFA (Bay Area Friends of Fine Arts) on Long Island, the Babylon Chorale, LI Philharmonic Chorus, and St. Cecelia Chorus - Chorus Tree at South Street Seaport, NYC.

Ron and his wife Laura live in Smithtown and are very proud of their children, Merri Zielenski, Sandie Rowsell, and nine year old Linneah; along with five grandchildren.

George H. Moorse '54 Film/TV Production, Screenwriting

While at Mepham, George served the Buccaneer staff for all four years, becoming Editor in his senior year. He was a National Honor Society Scholar in his junior and senior years, served in the House of Representatives, Senior Sales, Planning Committee, Key Club, Glee Club, Biology Club, and French Club. These very varied activities seemed to act as a springboard for his interests throughout his life. He attended Hofstra College on full scholarship, studying philosophy and classical philology. He also enrolled in their new program of theater and cinema arts, ultimately transferring to NYU.

As a writer, his short stories, essays and poetry were published in Harper's Bazaar, New World Writing, Transatlantic Review, New York Herald Tribune and The New York Times (some while he was still in high school).

He traveled through Europe starting in 1957, eventually settling in Germany in 1960, where he is credited with "jump starting" the country's film inclustry following World War II. He directed more than 200 film and television productions, eleven movies, and numerous plays and screenplays, as well as co-authoring The Field Guide to the Little People.

His work on the renowned Lindenstrasse series (Germany equivalent to Masterpiece Theater) secured his position as the leader in Germany television production. He not only wrote 186 episodes, but also produced more of them than other person. The series director, Hans W. Geissendoerfer said of George, "Moorse was formative in the profile of Lindenstrasse. His work was marked by philosophical strength and sense of calm, love and a deep inwardness. He loved the actors and through his quiet humor and wisdom, he was able to get the best performance from them."

George received many awards for his films through out his life, some of which include Inside Out (1964)and Lenz (1970), for which he earned the Silver Lion in Venice. He received awards and prizes for submissions in Taormina, Manheim, Montreal, Barcelona, Cork, and Rotterdam.

George passed away in July 1999 in Cologne, Germany from complications sustained from a heart attack. He is survived by Carola (Kiki) and Ian, children from an earlier marriage, and by Senta Ofennacher, his companion for many years. He is also survived by sisters Frances '41 and Barbara '56 and brother Ronald '45.

In consideration of his endeavors and accomplishments in many fields, the phrase "Renaissance Man" epitomizes George Moorse.

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