Summer Science Research Program

Bellmore-Merrick CHSD Newsletter, October 2002

A large number of the students in the district's Science Research Program spent their summers visiting research laboratories, colleges and universities to work on projects they'll eventually enter into competitions like Intel. But Myles Davison, a Mepham High School scientist and athlete, was not one of them. Myles enjoyed staying close to home this summer where he kept up with his wrestling camp and the evening athlete conditioning program hosted at Kennedy High School. This past summer, Myles also kept up with his progress in his science research, thanks to a new summer mentor program offered by Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District for the first time this year. Myles and five other researchers worked closely with Ms. Lorrilee Geraci, a member of the district's science department and a mentor of many successful young scientists in the district.

Ms. Lorrilee Geraci and Matt Christie
examine some statistics via e-mail
The program was begun this year to continue enhancements to the Science Research Program. Ms. Geraci says the program is excellent in helping the young scientists stay on track over the summer without having to travel sometimes great distances to attend university programs.

Sheri Ayinde's parents were not enthusiastic about letting her travel for a summer program, and since she is only 15 years old and one of the district's youngest researchers, she probably would not have been admitted into very many laboratories anyway, says Ms. Geraci. "Most labs require students to be at least 16 years old," she said.

The district wireless laptop computers are a natural fit for these researchers. Matt Christie, a junior, is researching weight loss in wrestlers and its effects on academic and athletic performance. He exchanged e-mails and received lists of articles to read from a professor at Arizona State University. He spent his mornings working with Ms. Geraci but was free in the afternoon for his job as a counselor at a local day camp. He said the program was perfect for him. "I could have researched by myself, but I had Ms. Geraci there to guide me and I was comfortable with her because I know her," he said. All of the students and their mentor believe the program is a tremendous help. The young scientists eagerly hit the ground running at the start of school, knowing that they'll be just as far along in their projects as students who took the opportunity to attend sometimes distant university placements.