Mepham School Songs

The Mepham March

Words by Margaret Churchman Pritchard
Music by George L. Pritchard

Hail, sons of Mepham High
Let your praises ring out to the sky
March, on against the foe
Down the field of victory we go
So let us cheer all our gallant band
You who blazed our triumphs through the land
May your spirit never die
All ye sons of Mepham High

George Pritchard
George L. Pritchard

Alma Mater

Words by Myrtle Telleen Collins
Music by DWane R. Collins

Hail to Mepham's Royal colors, garnet and grey;
For her pirates bold and mighty may they always wave.
Oh, dear Mepham, may we prove our high regard for you
By our thoughts, dear Alma Mater, and the things we do.
Flown above the stately portals see the colors sway
Far above the verdant landscape garnet and grey.
Hail, Alma Mater! on South Nassau's shore
May the echoes of our song ring out evermore.

We have exerpted a letter from Mrs. Pritchard telling the story of the Mepham March:


Dear Friends,

Two weeks before the first pep rally, Mr. Calhoun asked George and me to compose an alma mater and pep songs for the new school to be used at the rally. George said he could write a march but no "alma mater" so he composed the music and I put words to it.

Dwane Collins, a psychologist [the guidance counselor], had a background in music so he volunteered to write a melody [for the "Alma Mater"].


Margaret Churchman Pritchard

We have exerpted a letter from Mrs. Collins telling the story of the Mepham Alma Mater:

I remember the day I wrote the words for the music DWane had written. (His first degree was in public school music.) I wasn't feeling well, so stayed in bed. DWane said, "Since you're not doing anything, why don't you write an alma mater for Mepham. So I did."

With sincere good wishes to you and yours,
Myrtle T. Collins

The words to "Alma Mater" are from the 1942 Treasure Chest, which also included the music. To see the music (206KB) click here.