Student Awards Criteria

At the annual Mepham Awards Assembly, usually in late May, the Mepham Alumni Association presents awards to Mepham High School's deserving students. These awards are made possible by the generous donations of our alumni. Some awards were created by endowments and expire when their endowment funds have expired (marked with *). The others are supported by membership donations in our general fund. Occasionally there are specific one-year awards, and they are not included in this list:

Nick Sabetto Award* - $1,000 to the student with outstanding sportsmanship and initiative, and at least a "B" average.

School Spirit Award - Two $1,000 awards to students showing the most "school spirit," while maintaining high scholastic standards.

Gangel Family Memorial Award* - $1,000 each to a graduating boy and girl entering a science-related career.

One Diverse Community Award - Two $1,000 awards to seniors who have contributed most to the understanding and acceptance of diversity in the school.

Dr. Frederick H. Stunt Leadership Award - $1,000 to the student showing outstanding leadership.

Alumni Wrestlers Scholar Award* - $1,000 to a wrestler who demonstrated teamwork, scholarship, and a dedication to wrestling.

Hunte Memorial Award* - $500 each for a graduating wrestler and a graduating soccer player. (In memory of Ken Hunte, coach for wrestling and soccer).

Mepham Pride Award - $1,000, in memory of our founder Richard Wilgenkamp, to a student who has exhibited pride in Mepham, its values and traditions.

J. Denny Ryan '59 Memorial Award - $1,000 given in memory of Denny Ryan to a student of integrity who has given outstanding service to Mepham and the community.

Sanford H. Calhoun Memorial Award - $1,000 to person of integrity who exhibits hard work and the courage to hold on to principles and inspires others to do their best.

George L. Pritchard Award - $1,000 award in tribute to Mepham's first band director.

Jacob Gunther Memorial Award - $1,000 to "most choir- spirited" student.

H. Walton Alderfer Award - $1,000 to student intending to pursue a choral career.

Vietnam Era Veterans Award - $1,000 award in memory of a student who passed away during the Vietnam War to a "student with strong convictions, whatever they may be."

Klein Family Award* - In memory of Viola Odenheimer: $500 awarded to a student desiring a career in medicine or dentistry.

Matthew F. Warkala '80 Memorial Award* - $500 to a male or female member of the Cross-Country and/or Track and Field team who has demonstrated the most improvement or best spirit over the course of his/her senior year.

Jerry Liguori Memorial Award* - donated by the Liguori family and friends, $200 to an athlete who exemplifies good citizenship and community service.

A photo contest to acquire the cover photograph for our annual magazine, Scuttlebutt, is a $200 award.

Additional awards are made in various years from one-time donations.

The awards and their recipients are listed each year in the Mepham Alumni Association's 32-page magazine, Scuttlebutt.

Student Awards

1980 500
1981 700
1982 300
1983 550
1984 600
1985 1,750
1986 650
1987 4,200
1988 3,950
1989 4,000
1990 5,000
1991 4,300
1992 4,300
1993 4,300
1994 6,300
1995 7,500
1996 7,000
1997 7,500
1998 8,000
1999 9,000
2000 11,000
2001 13,200
2002 12,800
2003 14,300
2004 14,800
2005 15,800
2006 15,800
2007 15,800
2008 16,400
2009 18,850
2010 21,750
2011 18,200
2012 16,500
2013 21,960
2014 28,000
2015 25,500