Corridor Discipline

Up the Down Staircase?

Our historian found the following directive in our files from Principal Mr. Sanford Calhoun. Dated April 8, 1938, and distributed to all teachers when Mepham first opened, it gives us a peek at the mores of the times. Doesn't mention anything about wearing baseball caps backwards, however!

Every teacher must be outside of his or her classroom door during the entire three minute passing period. Teachers who change rooms should proceed to his or her new room as rapidly as possible.

Correct all rule infractions such as opening of lockers, marking of lockers, slamming locker doors, dropping waste papers etc. on floors, running in halls, shouting, whistling, shoving, pushing, annoying others, using wrong stairways, misuse of textbooks, eating in hallways, etc. I shall discuss these problems in assembly on Monday April llth. On the llth, 12th, and 13th, you will only reprimand students who violate any of the above regulations.

On and after Monday, April 25th, you will order the guilty person to report to your home room after school, to bring his books, and then, to study for one hour. Serious infractions or continued infractions should be reported to the office.

Do not tolerate impudence or insubordination in any form from any student. During the first two years of our existence, we established a high standard which must be maintained at any cost. If the situation warrants, send the student to the office and he will be dealt with severely.

The schedule of After School Floor Assignment is attached to this notice. Teachers must be at their assigned stations not later than 3:10 p.m. and must remain on duty until 4:15 p.m.

Students must report to a teacher or must leave the building immediately after school. Students may use the library, of course, but it is not to be used as a dating center.

After school lockers may be opened at 3:05 p.m. and not before. Students and teachers may travel in either direction on stairways after 3:05 p.m. and not before that hour.

Students who remain after school for academic work and or special work such as music, intramural athletics, club work, etc. must be quiet in the halls upon dismissal of their particular group. Teachers must issue orders accordingly.

The present situation is the fault of the faculty - not students. Most of us have used words so far and some have failed to consider corridor conduct a part of their jobs. Only when every teacher in the building assumes his or her "share of responsibility" will we be successful.

We must have order in the classroom, order in the halls between periods, and order in the halls after school. It is obvious that only action will get desired results.