Paul Limmer Invitational - 2009

The Paul Limmer Invitational

Francesca Olivo, Buccaneer May 2009

Music blaring, gun shots echoing, and hearts pounding; the Paul Limmer Invitational on April 4th, 2009 was a complete success! Track teams from all over Long Island and Mepham alumnus came to experience a special W.C. Mepham High School event.

Athletes and volunteers arrived at the school at seven o'clock a.m. to start preparations for the event. If it was buttering bagels and setting up the concession stands or cleaning up the press box, everybody was busy at work. The great teamwork set the tone for the rest of the day.

By nine o'clock buses pulled up with athletes from various schools. Around nine thirty, the first race started. It was the three-thousand meter race with Mepham's very own Sam Beim. The first boys' race was the three-thousand two-hundred meter race. In this race was Mepham's own Jon Genn.

Through out the day, Mepham spirit was shown in athletes, fans. and coaches. Even though the weather was horribly windy and cold, everyone made the best of it! When athletes weren't waiting to race, they were setting up and adjusting hurtles, picking up the high jump bar every time it fell and other small jobs that helped the event run smoothly.

Many races took place. Like the girls and boy's four-hundred meter intermediate hurtles, the one-hundred meter dash and many other track races. There were also multiple field events. Like discus and shot put. Later on, Mepham's Jane Tracy and Lia De Gregorio beautifully sang the national anthem and impressed the whole field with their talent. Afterwards, the races continued.

The long day ended with a one-hundred meter, four person relay. The busses pulled out and only the Mepham athletes were left to clean up the field! From four o'clock to five o'clock Mepham athletes cleaned up the field by putting away equipment and picking up trash. After the long day ended, the Mepham track team went home proud... and tired.

The Audience

The Audience

Dave Frazer and Paul Limmer

Robert Sanfilippo, Peter Graber (photos), Paul Limmer

Paul Limmer, Paul Limmer, Tommy Testa, Joe Kennedy, Frank Benso

Kenny Devens, Robin Jones Kennedy and Larry Mancini