Pascal Perri

Wrestler and Wrestling Official

John Hamilton

By the Friends of Long Island Wrestling, Hall of Fame Committee
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Vice President of the Friends of Long Island Wrestling and Vice President of the Long Island Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall Of Fame. Mr. Perri is one of the few men to have impacted wrestling coaches, wrestlers, officials, and fans.

During his last two years in high school, he was an undefeated wrestler and twice a Long Island Champion. Pascal went on to become the Captain of Syracuse's Eastern Collegiate Championship team while also winning two EIWA Championships himself.

After his graduation from college, Pascal became a wrestling official. It was then that he recognized the need for better organization in the officiating ranks. He created the Long Island Wrestling Officials Organization followed by the National Wrestling Officials Organization. Along the way, Pascal earned the reputation as "the official" you as a coach or wrestler wanted to have on the mat, because he called every move the way he saw it. He combined that integrity with the instinctive movements of a championship wrestler, able to anticipate every move on the mat.

Mr. Pascal Perri officiated over thirty National Wrestling Championship Tournaments and over forty EIWA Championships. That is a record no other official has ever achieved. Today he is the ECAC Wrestling Director.

During the first one hundred years of wrestling in America, no other individual has ever matched Mr. Pascal Perri's contributions or exceeded his recognition in the wrestling community.

Pascal Perri

Long Island's "Man of the Year" in Wrestling

By John Seckler
Friends of Long Island Wrestling
Long Island Wrestling 2006

Long Island's Man of the Year could be better described as Wrestling's Man of the Years. Pascal Perri, the man who defined wrestling officiating in America, was the founder of the Long Island Wrestling Officials Association, founder and president of the National Wrestling Officials Association. He was in an advisory position for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Sports Committee and still coordinates wrestling officials for the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference.

Mr. Perri, the perennial Division One Championship official has celebrated over sixty years in wrestling. Starting his high school career at Mepham High School in Bellmore, New York, he was an undefeated two time Long Island Champion. Following a two year stint as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, Pascal entered Syracuse University where he and his boyhood friend Ken Hunte co-captained Syracuse's undefeated Eastern Championship Wrestling team and Perri chalked up two one hundred and sixty-seven pound Eastern Championship titles for himself. Upon graduation, he entered the publishing business; first with Simon/Schuster, then becoming the Vice-President of NATALES Press.

Selected as a member of the New York State College Coaches Hall of Fame, the EIWOA Hall of Fame, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Mr. Pascal Perri is Long Island Wrestling's selection as Man of the Year.

Pascal has been and remains one of the true leaders in Inter Collegiate sports in America. His skills, leadership ability, and officiating integrity are legendary in America.

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