2009 Mepham Kickline Team

Scholastic Kickline Competition January 2009: 1st in Lyrical & Pom, 2nd in High Kick.
Scholastic Kickline Competition February 2009: 1st in Lyrical, High Kick, & Pom.
Scholastic Kickline Competition March 2009: 1st in Lyrical, High Kick, & Pom.
Long Island Champion of Champions in Lyrical & Pom Divisions.

By Jessica Rubinstein
What do you get upon throwing twenty-three girls together for a grueling nine-month season? Animosity? Drama? Maybe a little bit, but more importantly, you get a family. The tryouts for this award-winning team were took place during the very beginning of June last year, and we have had practices 3 to 5 days a week since then. Not many other teams can say they show this same devotion to their sport. And this year, we surpassed even our own expectations; we become Champions.

I have been lucky enough to be head captain of the team this past season. Myself and the other two captains, Kristina Bopp and Jenna Klerer, brought a sense of leadership to the team and put in countless hours of our own time to choreograph all of the routines. Thanks to the tremendous dedication of each girl on the team, we were able to beat all odds and bring home 11 Trophies this season. This includes only one 2nd place trophy, eight 1st place trophies, and two Long Island Champion of Champions trophies for having the highest cumulative score of all the teams in the Lyrical and Pom divisions. In all of my four years on Mepham Kickline, this really has been the best season we have ever had. We have done well in the past, but not at this level of competition. For some unknown reason, our team was placed in a larger and more difficult division this year, facing teams that were over twice the size of our squad, but we still managed to come out on top.

This year we also had something we have never had before - a dedicated fan base. Mepham Kickline has always had supporters, but nothing like this year. We were lucky enough to have a group of people that came to every single competition, and who even painted their faces maroon for the last one of the season. This is exactly the kind of spirit Mepham needs.

Being on this team has taught me so much. I have been fortunate enough to get to know these girls inside and out, and they are some of the most incredible people I know. Each talented dancer brings so much to our team, and the squad is also much more unified than ever before. The sleepovers that we have before competitions are no longer segregated by grade level as they were in the past - we have truly become a team of equals. It is because of this that I know for certain that Mepham Kickline will continue to succeed in the future.
From The Buccaneer, Vol. 71 No. 3 May 2009

Photos by Kerry Dennis