Joseph Goergen: 1915-1991

Joseph Goergen

Wellington C. Mepham High School

Dr. Joseph Goergen died on July 3,1991 in New Hampshire, his residence since retirement as Principal of Mepham (1970-1978). A native of Buffalo, he was a former Christian Brother, and later became a French teacher. He was at one time Chairman of the Language Dept. at SUNY Farmingdale. Much admired by faculty members, his main interest was curriculum. He encouraged teachers to try new ideas, supporting them in their efforts.

Dr. Goergen was instrumental in establishing the Dads' Club which supported and helped finance athletic activities at the school during a period of austerity budgets. In speaking with us, Mr. Art McQuillan (assistant principal) reminisced that he was a role model of a good, moral and religious man to not only his students and faculty, but also to all who knew him.

He is survived by wife Betty and one child.