My Special Teachers

by Booker T. Gibson '48
From the Crows Nest
Class of 1948 Newsletter, February 1999

Of course, George Pritchard had a huge effect on me since I was in the band and other musical activities. I'm not honestly sure whether he thought I could make it as a music teacher on Long Island. Four years after I'd graduated from college and finished the four year air force duty he and a few other key teachers from Freeport, Valley Stream and Miss Dowling, a former Merrick grade school music teacher, worked hard to get me a position. Finally, when a young music teacher in Valley Stream was suddenly drafted I was called immediately and stayed 30 years.

I also always remember Mr. Weaver, our social studies teacher, who constantly ranted and raved about the Republican party and Boss Sprague. I've been a Democrat ever since. It may not help me a bit living on Long Island, but I feel better.