Bill DeSario

Champion Wrestler

Outstanding Coach, Respected Teacher & Administrator

From Long Island Wrestling
Friends of Long Island Wrestling, 2010
Hall of Fame Committee

Bill began his amazing career in wrestling as a junior high wrestler in middle school located in Bellmore New York. It was there that he discovered his interest in wrestling and learned the fundamentals that would help him excel for the rest of his career. Mepham High School was the next step. Mepham is the home of distinguished Hall of Fame members, Frank "Sprig" Gardner, Ken Hunte, Pascal Perri, John Walter, and dozens of other great wrestlers and wrestling coaches. DeSario had the basic fundamentals of wrestling down by the time he was in the eighth grade. He excelled in his career at Mepham. In 1964, as a high school senior, Bill won a Section Eight Championship. He then garnered an Individual New York State Championship that helped Mepham win the team title.

As a recruited athlete, Bill chose New York State University at Cortland to continue his athletic and academic career. It was at Cortland that Bill prepared to pursue a career as an educator and coach.

Bill continued to compete in his undergraduate days, compiling an outstanding record. He achieved "All American Status" Division One by twice placing in the National Wrestling Championships, achieving 6th and 4th place finishes.

De Sario completed his Masters degree at the New York State University at Brockport College where he gained both the educational degree and coaching experience he needed to move forward. Armed with his teaching degrees, Bill made his final academic move by enrolling in the administrative program at C. W. Post College where he completed the degree required for school administrators.

His coaching began while he was working on his master's degree at Brockport College. While at Brockport he coached the varsity wrestling team. Bill then went on to the position as varsity coach at Babylon High School. Ward Melville High School was his third professional assignment. He is now at Commack High School where he serves as head wrestling coach. During the years, DeSario has been a member of many educational committees. He served on behalf of New York State Section Eleven as a member of the Policy Committee, the Athletic Council, Safety Committee, Football Committee, Wrestiing Committee, and the Seeding Committees.

He advanced in his sports administrative roles as Director of Physical Education and Athletics at Babylon Public Schools, Section Eleven Junior High Wrestling Chairman, Supervisor of the Handicapped Program, and Administrative Assistant for Discipline in the Babylon Schools.

While on his impressive career path, Bill amassed many awards. Administrator of the year, Outstanding service Award, Grand Master Award, Coach of the Year (ten times), and Collegiate Rookie Coach of the Year Honorable Mention - Amateur Wrestling News.

Bill DeSario has combined his coaching and administrative careers with exceptional service and accomplishments in wrestling. On and off the mat, Bill has always given back to the sport. He has demonstrated a great ability as both an athlete, coach and educator. He is a great champion for the sport of wrestling and a most worthy addition to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.