The Coquettes Sorority

From postings by Betty Blank Schade '59
on the Mepham Alumni message forum, 12/17/01

As a founding member and past president of the Coquettes, I can give you some history. We started with 6 friends, and held our first meetings every Thursday afternoon at a small lunchenette on Merrick Ave near Camp Avenue in North Merrick. The name of the place has long since gone out of my memory. We all went to Merrick Avenue Junior High, and hung out there everyday, but Thursday we actually held a meeting. This was in 1956.

We expanded quickly, and added members (friends)from Mepham and two Catholic high schools: Sacred Heart and Queen of the Rosary. We then started to hold our meetings in our homes, on Wednesday nights. After the meetings, it was a small party because the guys came to pick up their girl friends and eat any food they could find.

We bought our Gray and White sweaters at a store in Hempstead.

We did some charity work, such as going to the old folks home a couple of times a year, especially at Christmas. We sang Carols and brought small gifts for the folks. We even pumped gas at a station on Sunrise Highway to help collect money for Cerebral Palsy one year. Mostly it was a social club though.

Once we graduated in '59, we did not continue the sorority, but we remained friends, some of us to this day. It was really one of the best things about high school.

I hope this has been of some help to you to understand some of the FUN TIMES AT MEPHAM HIGH. We might not have had Sean Penn, as they did in Richmont High, but we had Charlie Brucia, who was just as entertaining.


Well Jerry, thanks to my dear friend and sorority sister, Flo Carman Kirch, and her husband Matty we have gotten the list of the COQUETTES together that you asked for. There were 22 of us.

Betty Blank
Ellen Alexander
Flo Carman
Maryann Arata
Maryclaire Meyer
Nancy Wortmann
Mary Lou Cruise
Helen Lanzetta
Pat Mckeever
Carol Marques
Judy Danielsen
Barbara Bucher
Jean Dipple
Patti Dixon
Sandy Farinola
Holly Petrulli
Valerie Fries
Carolyn Kwak
Barbara Bisignani
Joyce Lavelle
Barbara Kajola
Mary Ellen Savoia

If we have forgotten anyone, please forgive us. After all it has been almost 43 years since our last meeting.

Also thanks to Flo's cousin Jack Shefer, the lunchenette we met in was GARFIELD'S.