The Mepham Connection

By Clare Eastwood Worthing '46
See Scuttlebutt, July 1997

Why do memories of our years at Mepham continue their hold on us? Jerry ('41) and I have been enjoying some wonderful "mini-reunions."

Frank & Jerry We had not planned to go to Florida this past January, but a call from Frank Schneider ('41), whom Jerry has known since he was 7 years old, with the report he had pancreatic cancer, changed all that. We quickly made plans: first stop Cocoa Beach. Frank and Jerry had a warm, wonderful opportunity to fondly recall many shared moments. (This is the last picture taken of Frank, just 3 weeks before he died, with Jerry on the right).

We stayed with Jean Cullen ('44) Schneider (widow of George Schneider '41) and had a good visit with her as well.

The Stunts

Heading south, we stopped for lunch and a chat with Fred and Winnie Stunt in Stuart. Fred had been Jerry's class advisor. Winnie had been Mr. Calhoun's secretary. They love to have Mepham visitors, so I advise any of you wayfaring in Florida to contact them for a good meal and good memories. (Clare on the right)

From there we wandered down the road to Delray and Louise Summa ('40) Bassano's home, where we also visited with Frank Merklein ('40).

On our continuing adventures (which also included non-Mepham friends and relatives) we saw Ken Morton ('46) and his brother, Calvin ('43) at their business, Homestead Paving Co. We also visited Ken at home, where he raises thoroughbred horses, and had a tour of the stables.

Later, on Florida's west coast we visited with Audrey Schmidt ('43) Rizzo and her husband Joe in Venice, where she avidly plays golf. We might visit them in their summer home in Woodstock sometime, since we have a Vermont connection (see below).(photo: Jerry with Audrey)

It all added up to 2 weeks of little reunions and good memories.

In April, after a visit with our daughter and her family in Norwich, Vermont, we added a stopover in New London, New Hampshire to see Joyce (Hambley '46) and Tom ('44) McCormick. Joyce's brother, Jackson ('44) lives nearby. What followed was stimulating non-stop reminiscing, discussing, and just good conversation. (Tom, Joyce, Clare, Jerry & Jack)

In May and June we had visits from John Patterson ('46) and Dorrett, Pascal Perri ('46-7), Barbara Silverman Biggs ('48) and her husband Sid Sonenblum, Frank Merklein and Louise Summa Bassano.

In June we drove to Washington D.C. to witness Frank Schneider's interment at Arlington, a very moving ceremony complete with Navy band, riflemen, horses, and horse-drawn caisson.

As the '46 Class Representative, I get wonderful mail, E-mail and phone calls. An opportunity to have an informal get-together this September is now being planned. Jerry spends lots of time keeping Mepham's Web page interesting.

Mepham is such a wonderful connection and connector. I am truly impressed with the sense of family for those who have shared the Mepham experience, and we look forward to many more opportunities to share time with classmates of times long gone by.

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