1949 - Mepham's College Champion Year

From 1937 to 1955 Mepham had the supreme high school wrestling team of the Northeast. In 1946 Mepham celebrated that it was undefeated in one hundred consecutive wrestling matches, competing throughout the Northeast, as well as on Long Island. Their first defeat came at the hands of Baldwin in their 101st match and in the following years, Mepham wrestlers went on to win their next consecutive 130 meets.

The colleges that had competetive wrestling teams bid strongly for Mepham champions and so they were spread around to many schools. The Mepham wrestlers then found themselves competing against their former schoolmates in interscholastic matches and tournaments.

In 1949 many of Mepham's wrestlers were to meet in the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Tournament, often competing against their former Mepham classmates. Nine of ten Mepham alumni in the meet were to be Champions or place second, third, or fourth. Mepham alumni's nine titles exceeded the tournament winner, Lehigh, which had seven titles. An outstanding event occurred when four Mepham alumni were destined to compete against each other in the 155 pound weight class and they won all four top places.

1949 Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Tournament
136Second PlaceJoe Settanni '44Syracuse
136Third PlaceJoe Golego '47Franklin & Marshall
145Third PlaceJohn Mahoney '42Lehigh
155First PlaceKen Hunte '47Syracuse
155Second PlaceRuss Randall '45Princeton
155Third PlaceEric Erikson '46Lehigh
155Fourth PlaceFrank Mansell '46Yale
165First PlacePascal Perri '46Syracuse
165Third PlaceEd Erikson '43Lehigh

The 155 Pound Titles

1. Ken Hunte - Syracuse

2. Russ Randall - Princeton

3. Eric Erikson - Lehigh

4. Frank Mansell - Yale

The number of titles won by Mepham alumni climbed from an after-war 3 in 1947, to 6 in 1948, to the peak of 9 in 1949, 8 in 1940, 5 in 1951, 5 in 1952, 6 in 1953, and 2 in 1954 and 1955.