Bill Brennen

Lifetime Service To Wrestling

It was 1980 when Bill made a phone call to the sectional wrestling chairman that began a new direction in his life. All Bill wanted to know was how could he find a wrestling schedule for the Nassau County tournament. For years he had been frustrated by the lack of information about wrestling There was little newspaper coverage or any other way for an interested spectator to plan on seeing a good match or tournament. He loved the sport and enjoyed watching the matches. A simple reason that expanded to over 50 years of intense work in the sport of wrestling.

Bill's journey began as a spectator, trying to follow results of the wrestlers from his Alma matter at Mepham High School. It didn't take long before he began attending Nassau & Suffolk County dual meets and county tournaments. Attending the State Championships meant a five-hour early morning drive, a full day of watching the tournament, and a late night drive back home. He did this for many years.

Bill also regularly inquired if there was anything he could do for the various wrestling programs on Long island. Eventually he was invited to assist at meets. That developed into other duties at the county tournaments. Each duty quickly helped Bill became a significant member of the sectional wrestling tournament committee. He began assisting the head table and produced the wall brackets at many tournaments.

Once wrestling coaches discovered that Bill was a graduate of Pratt institute and a partner in a New York design firm that worked on design projects for the New York Mets, New York Yankees, and New York Islanders hockey team, it became obvious that he had much more to give to wrestling. During the ensuing 20 years Bill annually designed and produced the program for the Nassau County tournament. He also created the brackets for tournaments, designed flyers, T-shirts and posters. Each effort fulfilled a need of the wrestling community. His design skills coupled with his real working knowledge of program design, advertising and wrestling allowed him to promote the sport with class and style.

Wrestling coaches were busy coaching, parents were busy being parents. However it was Bill who promoted wrestling throughout the county. It was his signature work that showcased the quality wrestling programs that existed. Of course he remained a steadfast fan and an innovative supporter of wrestling. At a wrestling dinner Bill was asked to join the fledgling group known as the "Friends of Long Island Wrestling" by President Jerry Seckler. Seckler had a dream of producing a publication that would both market Long island wrestling and showcase the history of the sport on Long Island. It was clear that Bill was the man to approach.

In 1990 Bill Brennan became at charter member of the "Friends Of Long Island Wrestling" and was placed on the Board of Directors. After several years of producing periodic newsletters, The "Friends" began to publish an annual magazine. Bill became the designer and head of the editorial staff of that publication, "Long Island Wrestling", celebrating its 14th anniversary this year.

In 1994 The Friends of Long Island Wrestling became a chapter representative of the National Wrestling Hall Of Fame and Bill has had an active roll in the chapters` efforts to help wrestling grow. He serves on several committees and has been a representative at the National Hall of Fame Annual Chapters Conference. His generosity with his talents and his time make him the perfect candidate for the prestigious award of a "lifetime service to wrestling".

From: Friends of Long Island Wrestling, Long Island Wrestling 2013