This Famous Amos
Doesn't Make Cookies

by Mike Diller

Famous Amos may mean a cookie to many people but to millions of college football followers throughout the nation it means Amos Zereoue (pronounced Zeroway), a sophomore tailback for West Virginia University. Amos lived in North Bellmore, went to Mepham High School, played four years of varsity football and was a key factor in the team going to the county playoffs each of those four years. He broke all of Mepham's as well as all of Long Island's rushing records including most yardage gained, most touchdowns and total points scored.

He was selected first team all-Long Island and first team all-State and the only high school player to have won twice the prestigious Thorpe Award given each year to the outstanding football player.

Accepted at West Virginia, Amos added to his outstanding achievements. As a freshman he made the varsity football team. That, in itself, is quite an accomplishment. West Virginia has a reputation of being one of the premiere football schools in the country. Amos set new rushing records. He was selected Eastern College Athletic Conference rookie of the week and first team all Big East. In his very first game, and the first time he was given the ball, he ran 69 yards for a touchdown against Pittsburgh University. What a debut!

Now in his sophomore year "Famous Amos" continues to excel in performance and his ability and name is becoming more and more familiar. He is helping his team compile a winning season and they will most likely be invited to a post-season bowl game. Amos leads the Big East Conference with the most touchdowns and the most points scored.

His high school football coach Kevin McElroy describes Amos an "impact player." The coach explained that Amos' natural instincts in the way he moves and the way he sees plus a power package of strength, quickness and durability guides his running . . . around, past and often over his opponents. Coach McElroy has kept in contact with Amos, speaking on the phone, seeing him play. When there is a college break Amos will come home and often visits his coach. Their relationship has grown to a special bond of friendship.

Amos also likes to come back to see the students and all his former teachers... All of the faculty smile and speak warmly of "Famous Amos" when you mention his name. "Great Kid! A gentleman in all respects," "I really enjoyed having him in my class," are some of the statements one hears and a special quote from Coach McElroy, "I only hope my own son grows up to be as kind and accomplished as Amos. I wouldn't mind if he becomes as great an athletes as Amos . . . but more importantly as decent a MAN as Amos Zereoue." If by any chance you're watching TV and you hear "Famous Amos" don't switch channels thinking it is a commercial but rather join the millions of fans recognizing a potential Trophy winner, an excellent candidate for the NFL and most assuredly a very nice person who once lived in North Bellmore.
Reprinted from Bellmore Life, November 26, 1997