We have no known addresses for the following alumni. If you know any of their addresses, or have a suggestion how to find them, please click on to send the information to the Mepham Alumni Association Registrar.

Lawrence Andrews
Virginia Berube Doyle
Thomas Beyer
Harry Blanken
George Brehm
John Buckingham
William Buehler
Burt Conger
Cecelia F. Counihan McDonald
Donald Daly
Milton T. Flowers
Helen Everett
Martin Ferkin
Leroy Jenkins
Danny F. Kober
Marjorie Kumpa Russell
Bruno LaManna
Nadia Lewchuk
Anna Lucev Sirchia
Robert Malary
Jerome Markowitz
Anna Mayer
Dorothea Nolan
Elsie O'Leary
Florence Phelps
Ruth Repetti Kahn
Harold Rode
Audrey Schmidt Rizzo
Harriet Schroeder Forberger
Ellen Shier
Irene Shifrin Klafter
Stanley Shores
Carol Short
Doris May Soffer
Olaf Swambel
Thomas Szoeke
William Terhune
Jackie Varriale Dilworth
Robert Warfield

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