We have no known addresses for the following alumni. If you know any of their addresses, or have a suggestion how to find them, please click on to send the information to the Mepham Alumni Association Registrar.

Marjorie Anderson
Shirley Box
Ellen Campbell Demars
Ruth Clancy
Henry Cook, Jr
Mary Daly
Peter Eschenko
Margaret Friedman
Warren Goodwin
Elizabeth Hennessey
Elizabeth Hesslink Haile
Vera Hildebrandt
Agnew Jacobson Murphy
Charles Johnson
Elma Johnson
Mabel Kent
Sally Kifer
Frances Korwan Kravitz
Dorothy Kotlarz Hassard
Olga Kowalchuk
Judith Kremelberg Powers
Howard Kronimus
Joseph Lemaire
Lillian Lindstrom
Stephen Masel
Doris McQueen
Irene Metcalfe
Mary Metcalfe
Ruth Muller
Jerome Opolinski
Everett Samuelson
Dorothy Smith
Annette Stadnick
Marie R. Zingg

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