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Perhaps you have heard of our 32-page magazine, Scuttlebutt, that is mailed to all our paid members. Here is a chance to see it. Click here.

Library Preservation Project
The Alumni Association has completed a project to preserve our beautiful library. To learn more about it click here

Mepham Today

Through the generous contributions of our Mepham alumni, scholarships amounting to more than $19,000 are awarded each year.

Gifts to School
Gifts to the school, mainly capital improvements, have averaged over $8,000 a year.

Who's Who Hall of Fame
The Mepham Alumni Association maintains a plaque in the foyer honoring Mepham alumni who have made significant accomplishments in their fields of work and outstanding contributions to the welfare of mankind. We have also created the Meritorious Service Award, to recognize service of individuals to the Alumni Association and/or the school.

School Activities
A few articles about past school activities.

Mepham History

History and Memorabilia
Come visit our history section for a walk down memory lane. There are personal profiles of Mepham High founders, excerpts from old copies of the Buccaneer, etc.

Mepham AlumniThen and Now
What Mepham alumni are doing today, and their recollections after years have passed by.

Sports History

Mepham is known as the Cradle of Eastern U.S. Wrestling

Track & Field & Cross Country
Many Mepham athletes have set records.

Other Sports
There have been champions in many lesser-known sports.

What We Do

The primary purpose of the W. C. Mepham H.S. Alumni Association, Bellmore, New York, is to encourage contact among fellow alumni through reunions, publications, social media, and through person-to-person contacts.

We maintain contact through our registry, a database containing names and addresses of over 17,000 Mepham alumni. If you are not in our registry, or if you have changed your address, please register here. This registry is never used for commercial purposes. See our privacy statement

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  • Receive a copy of Quarterdeck, our annual newsletter.
  • Receive notice of reunions
  • Receive your class newsletter (if your class representative
        has the time and help to produce one.)
  • Receive aid in locating classmates
  • Be findable by your classmates
  • Receive NO solicitations

Missing Classmates

Here are lists of classmates (by year) we are trying to locate. Please help us maintain and expand our alumni list by looking through the lists. If you find a name for whom you have an address please send e-mail to Mepham Alumni Membership Chairman, or fill in the registration form.

1939 Missing List
1940 Missing List
1941 Missing List
1942 Missing List
1943 Missing List
1944 Missing List
1945 Missing List
1946 Missing List
1947 Missing List
1948 Missing List
1949 Missing List
1950 Missing List
1951 Missing List
1952 Missing List
1953 Missing List
1954 Missing List
1955 Missing List
1956 Missing List
1957 Missing List
1958 Missing List
1959 Missing List
1960 Missing List

1961 Missing List
1962 Missing List
1963 Missing List
1964 Missing List
1965 Missing List
1966 Missing List
1967 Missing List
1968 Missing List
1969 Missing List
1970 Missing List
1971 Missing List
1972 Missing List
1973 Missing List
1974 Missing List
1975 Missing List
1976 Missing List
1977 Missing List
1978 Missing List
1979 Missing List
1980 Missing List
1981 Missing List
1982 Missing List

1983 Missing List
1984 Missing List
1985 Missing List
1986 Missing List
1987 Missing List
1988 Missing List
1989 Missing List
1990 Missing List
1991 Missing List
1992 Missing List
1993 Missing List
1994 Missing List
1995 Missing List
1996 Missing List
1997 Missing List
1998 Missing List
1999 Missing List
2000 Missing List
2001 Missing List
2002 Missing List
2003 Missing List
2004 Missing List

2005 Missing List
2006 Missing List
2007 Missing List
2008 Missing List
2009 Missing List
2010 Missing List
2011 Missing List
2012 Missing List
2013 Missing List
2014 Missing List
2015 Missing List
2016 Missing List
2017 Missing List
2018 Missing List
2019 Missing List
2020 Missing List
2021 Missing List
2022 Missing List


Your membership contributions provide for scholarships, gifts to the school, our website, and our publications. Membership is $15 for an individual and $20 for a couple.

Membership Forms
are available in each of our publications, and on-line here. (Adobe PDF format)



Class reunions and area reunions are held all over the country. The Alumni Association provides guidance in many ways to have a successful and economical reunion.

Upcoming Reunions
A list of upcoming reunions and announcements is maintained on this web site, and is included in each Mepham Alumni Association publication.

Suggestions for Having a Reunion
Here we have ideas for organizing and running a reunion.


Quarterdeck & Scuttlebutt
Quarterdeck is mailed in the winter to all names in our mailing list and Scuttlebutt is mailed in the summer to all paid members.

Facebook Links
We have a Facebook Links list of all active Mepham alumni Facebook pages. The Facebook button at the top of this page connects directly to our Mepham High School page.

Class Representatives are a major contact point between our alumni and our activities. They keep in touch with their classmates through newsletters, email, Facebooks, etc. They also report all address changes to our Registrar and seek to find missing classmates.

Meetings: We meet regularly in room 114 at 7:30 p.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of every month except July, August, and December, or when the school is closed. If you have a question about a school closure contact us (below) to be sure.

Contact Us
Here is a list of email addresses where you can contact us.


like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, pins, and pennants are available for sale by the Alumni Association, PTA, and Sports Boosters.

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